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Campus Resources


The mission of the Bonnie E. Cone University Center is to enrich the university and community experience by providing quality services and spaces in a welcoming environment that supports student learning.


The Cone University Center enriches and supports the University community by:

  1. Contributing to the overall development of students through informal interaction, organizational participation, leadership development, and the planning for, implementation of, and participation in diverse programs.
  2. Providing services, training, and facilities that support University programs and participation.
  3. Providing students with meaningful employment opportunities and substantial roles in the decision making processes that affect facilities, services, policies and programs.
  4. Developing and administering policies and procedures that enhance campus life while ensuring an environment that is safe and secure.
  5. Ensuring fiscal soundness through the responsible and prudent use of university resources.
  6. Providing revenue producing services to support the operating budget in a cost effective and high quality customer service oriented manner.
  7. Ensuring that the University community is informed of programs, resources, facilities and services.